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[for your inspiration//50] Art of Thrifting.


1. Todd McLellan takes apart random old appliances, organizes their parts & pieces so it looks cool, takes a picture, and makes really sweet pieces of art. Right?
2. Best coffee blog ever. Awesome pictures and pretty in depth reviews of coffee shops. Yes, most of the coffee shops are around Australia, but that’s besides the point. =)
3. I’m a big fan of colorful art (and also of collages) so this art by Jennifer Sanchez makes me smile. I want it all over my future house!
4. Green tea & coconut ICE CREAM. Yes, you can use this recipe to make it yourself. You are welcome for sharing this with you.
5. More colorful art! These flower paintings by Lulie Wallace are so textures and the colors are so perfect together.
6. Annnddd you can also thank me for sharing this great blog post from Delightfully Tacky. Good advice on ways to make your thrift shopping experience worth your time!

=) Have a cool day.

P.S. Remember last year when I shared about the incredible story about street photographer Vivien Maier? Apparently in NYC and LA there were exhibits of her photos. I wish they hadn’t ended two days ago, because that would have been amazing to see. I’ll have to keep up and see if there will be any other ones around soon.

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