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[209] None of this has to do with the picture.


I’ve had SO MANY random thoughts today! Can I tell you about some all of them? None of them have to do with the picture, but they’re mostly interesting:

I’ve had two songs stuck in my head for a while now (maybe, like, 5 hours). TWO SONGS. At the same time. That one when Adam Levine sings about being like a stereo. And the one that goes “I get a feeling that I NEVA NEVA NEVA nevaaaahad before.” You know those ones? Now you do. *Addendum* I wrote this blurb before my hair cut appointment. Guess what two songs I heard BACK TO BACK at my hair cut appointment. Yup.

More on music: (This is a true story). I tweeted this the other day but just remembered about it and laughed out loud. Original tweet: Don’t Stop Believing on the radio right after Somebody to Love. Me: “2 really good Glee songs in a row!” Nate: “original Glee songs, huh?” – I obviously know the original artists of these songs (Journey! Queen!), but Glee fans, you know when you hear an original version of a song they’ve covered on the show and you sort of just love it that much more?! That’s what I meant when I said “Glee songs”. Just to clear that up.

Things at home I have access to now that I don’t in Newton:
– A car.
– Ginger snaps.
– A kitten who helps me blog.

Being home also means being able to visit all the Keene hotspots. Wait, there are such things? you ask. Well, YEAH! There’s a cool meeting spot for my friend Carissa & I, called Starbucks, have you heard of it? And also.. oh, that’s about it. Wait, the antique store, if you’re into that kind of thing. I made a great discovery there today. A total steal.. except, I payed for them.

Things I’ve eaten entirely too much of since I’ve been home… for one point five days:
– Pasta.
– Peanuts.
– Ginger snaps.

I woke up this morning to the PRETTIEST pattern on the screen of my computer! Pretty… in an optimistic sense. See what I mean here. But don’t worry. Things are fine.

Things I do on a regular basis and should be embarrassed about, but I’m not:
– Wear unmatching socks.
– Talk to myself.
– Sing out loud to Katy Perry songs. *Addendum* Guess what I did at my hair cut appointment? Yup.

I got caught up on that show New Girl with Zoe Whatsherface and there are two things that I laughed out loud about in the latest episode. A) One of the characters went to Syracuse (he’s wearing a ‘Cuse sweatshirt). It’s funny because he’s the “bro” of the group and that’s what Syracuse is mostly made up of BAHA. Except my friends. None of my friends were bros. And if you’re a bro and you thought I was your friend… Well… Anyways, and B) They have a mini conversation about ABBREVS. (You know, abbreviating every word you come in contact with.) Mostly talking about how they aren’t acceptable, but I ignored that part.

GUESS WHAT (I’m mentioning this only because I have to remember this day). I might have already found my wedding dress. But I can tell you NO MORE than that. That is all. Goodbye.

Oh wait, the picture.
Titled: My First Cell Phone
(if we’re getting technical, there were two more that I had in between the middle one and the iPhone. Yes, five. In, like, six years.)

Sorry this was crazy. Goodnight.


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