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[207] That Girl.

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Things that made today way more eventful than yesterday:
A) I went to my favorite thrift store and bought two things that will aid in the decor of our not-yet-dated-but-really-close wedding. Not telling you, though. Bwaha.
B) Worked from a new location: the hospital! Long story short: My boss is fine & her baby is fine, she just needs some extra loving care to make sure the baby gets as much time in her belly as possible. So we’ll be working from there until further notice. And everything’s gonna be okay, just keep praying!
C) Talked to the Faja (my dad) and he’s coming for lunch tomorrow and then? I’m catching a ride home! Which will be the first time since JULY that I’ve been there. Holylongtime.

Made some soup (recipe) that explored a new food I’ve never tried before: KALE. I’ve heard good things about it (mostly from this documentary), and I ate some pretty decent soup tonight, so? I’m sold. Next up: that weird, semi-trendy, detoxifying green juice everyone’s been talking about.


Another thing I’ve been thinking about lately: I’ve decided to not discuss our wedding on the bloggity very much. Only because I don’t want to be that girl who literally only talks about her wedding (even me bringing this up is making me feel like I’m over-talking about it). I mean, every once in a while I might mention some highlights or important things (ie: the things I got at the thrift store today), but I promise you this will not become a wedding blog, there are wayyyy too many of those out in the world. And if you DO want summathat, go to my work blog to get weekly inspiration. KGREAT glad you understand.


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  1. Bruce Hart permalink
    02/03/2012 11:18 am

    Kale. Who would’ve thought? I was offered the last little bit (to finish it up as it would’ve gone bad due to the creator’s not being home for the next 4 days) and found it to be really good! Kale. Misunderstood. With carrots and tomatoes and some bullion and orzo….a really nice soup. Try it!

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