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[for your inspiration//49] Patterns & Peanut Butter.


Hellooooooo MONDAY. I got some postive feedback from last week’s newly improved circular FYI setup. And I’m glad, because I like it too! It’s a nice switch up from the normal cubic-ness of the past FYIs. Hooraaay CIRCLES. (I just got way too excited about that.) Anywhoo.. Enjoy this week’s finds!


1. You know me and my pattern obsession… Well, add these patterned notebooks by Debbie Powell to the list of things I’d love to own! I like how a lot of her patterns aren’t all perfectly symmetrical, they’re pretty random and unique.
2. One word. Avocado. Ok, a few more words: This looks delightful.
3. The styling of this anniversary shoot by Gina Meola makes me heart sing. I also just love all these pictures in general.
4. The Austin-based design firm Ptarmak must have know that lime green & turquoise are two of my favorite colors. Mix that with the greatness that is Kashi and I drool. Literally, because Kashi is my favorite cereal.
5. Sweet geometric necklaces by Wolf & Moon would look good all together or each on their own. And the colors!
6. Not only does Big Spoon peanut butter sound delicious (peanut/almond butter? Dream.), I realllyy dig it’s branding.


Oh my gosh, I’m embarrassed. Half this stuff is about food. Um, woops. I’m hungry now.
This week has the potential of being awesome! Can’t tell you why. You’ll find out Saturday.


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