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[205] Wanna Be.






Well I definitely didnt get better as the day went on.. I’m pretty sure I sprained my right wrist while gracefully trying to catch myself on my 12 hundredth fall of the day… So there’s that.

But anyways.

Best parts of today’s winter sports outing/festival:
-The calm of riding the ski lift (that is, right before it’s time to get/fall off and embarrass yourself in front of all the 8 year olds at the top of the bunny hill).
-Hot cocoa in the lodge.
-Nate going slow and helping me down the hill. He’s so nice to me.
-Tanya winning a random trophy for snowboarding “the cutest”! =)
-All the cool snowboard culture colors. Lime greens, turquoises, purples, bright pinks, black and white zig zags, ect… You know. All the cool kids are doing it.
-My new hat.
-Being adventurous with Nathaniel.
-The hot tub we had access to after the fact :)

Happy Saturday night, y’all.

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