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[203] Cold All Day.


I woke up and didn’t want to get out from under the covers (I’m sure you’ve had a day quite similar in your life). When I finally did get out, I was cold. Then I took a hot shower, which, what I didn’t know at that present time, was going to be the only time today I’d be comfortably warm. I was cold sitting under a fleece blanket during my whole morning full of wedding invitations (mine + strangers). The fact that I then stood out in the wind (with semi-wet hair, MOM don’t kill me, please) waiting for a bus for 20 minutes probably didn’t help my case.

Then I had the opportunity to meet up with Casey of Boston-based Hello Love Photography. We quickly met back in the fall at the Design*Sponge book tour and since then I’ve been following her blog and admiring her work. So, this afternoon, over chai lattes at Panera, she let me ask her a whole lot of questions and it was lovely! All the while, I was freeeezing, I think I had goosebumps the whole time we were sitting there.

Then I went to City Sports and bought a beanie hat cap thing. Because, well, it was turquoise. And I had a gift card. Also, I love that store. Check out their “I will sweat” campaign on their site. Speaking of working out… I didn’t work out today. First day I haven’t done something active all year. AH! I had time, too, that’s the kicker. But NO motivation. Leave me some motivation?! So I’m down to 364 days of activity possible this year. Guess that’s better than most people.




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