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[201] Oops, I originally forgot to title this.


I woke up and there was SNOW on the ground. Then I got really excited to go run in the first snow of the season. So I ran. I ran on a different side of town because I realized I never run on that side of town. But do you know WHY I never run on that side of town?! Because I don’t get to run! I get to stop at the crosswalks of busy streets and then run a little bit in between. So annoying! I will be most definitely be staying on my side of town from now on.

Then I ate an orange because A) I love them and B) Duh. Last night.

FRIENDLIES. I did it again. I cooked dinner. Chicken, tomatoes, red beans sprinkled with oregano. I used a REAL recipe (that’s how I categorize real dinners and fake dinners. Real dinners use some basis of a recipe. Fake dinners I make stuff up.) Except, on that note, I did change a few things. Instead of using white beans, I used red, because that’s all I had. And I didn’t have garlic so that wasn’t in it, and I’m sure that would have made it much better. Also, Nathaniel and I decided that with a little red wine added to the mix, and a pile of pasta underneath, this would have really been complete. So next time, I’ll spice it up a bit.

Have a happy night =)


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