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[for your inspiration//48] Write Home About These.


Because I haven’t done one of these posts in such a long time, I figured I’d share some things that I thought were blog-worthy, or as my great aunt would say “something to write home about”… or, in today’s age, “tweet home about”.. =) Enjoy!

1. I recently discovered Celine’s blog and particularly liked this blog post showcasing pictures of the “little things” in her life. Sounds familiar? =)
2. The little ‘s’ is what really makes this rose necklace special.
3. I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with old cameras, especially this letterpressed “Smile” print!
4. Everything on this blog about yummy things looks delicious and creative, like this lavender chocolate cupcake recipe.
5. The doodle-y graphics of this film festival poster by a design firm in the UK definitely caught my attention.
6. Doodling with paper, something I’ve always wanted to try. And luckily here’s a pretty good tutorial to help me learn!

Soooo… what’s been on your inspiration radar lately? Any must-read blog posts, must-see photos or must-watch vids? Link me up, chaps! Thanks a mills.


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