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[187] 2012 GOALS.


Now that holidays are over, I need to get back into a real life schedule.
For the past few weeks (okay, MONTHS) I’ve been super NOT HEALTHY AHH AND I HATE IT.
SO, like most of America, I’m making a health & fitness related resolution(s).
Lots of them.

But before we get into 2012, I’d like to recap my 2011 goals. My goals were to eat more veggies, cook more meals, shoot more film, track my miles, run a race, and memorize a Bible verse a week. HAPPILY I completed 5 of the 6 goals. SADLY the only one I didn’t complete was probably the most important one. I think I stopped memorizing a verse a week around April, and just never got around to catching up. Those few months I did do it were great and I learned a lot, so I might try to do something similar again this year. As for total miles ran? FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FOUR. Races? FOUR (5 mi, 2 5ks and a HALF MARATHON). Film? Only one or two more rolls, but better than nothing. Veggies and cooking? Lots of both. More to come in 2012. So, I’d say I pretty much rocked my 2011 goals. I mean, I can always do better, but I didn’t completely fail. And that’s always a plus.

So, onto 2012. OBVIOUSLY this is going to be a big year. Big in the form of “a WEDDING is a big deal!!”, but NOT big in the form of “my waistline is looking big”. At least that’s the goal baha, because now I don’t feel good about myself and sort of hate that.

Anyways. No fancy inspiration board this year.
Just words. Read if you want. I won’t be offended if you don’t.


2012 GOALS:

Talk to Jesus everyday. Let’s be honest… this doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should and this will probably always be a goal of every year of my life.

Exercise 365 days in a row. Crazy, right?! I can’t even imagine actually completing this goal, but I’m going to try so hard! At LEAST 20 minutes a day of quality exercising. It can be more, but that won’t mean I don’t have to work out the next day (aka: no rollover minutes =) ) Work outs will be in the form of a run, tabata (strength training), yoga, swimming, walking (with the intention of it being exercise, not just walking around downtown)… whatever I can do to get my body moving. Thanks to my friend Nick for inspiring this challenge/goal. Oh yes, if you like this idea and want to join me (us) I’ll be tagging any and all tweets and tumblr entires with #WorkIt365. Because hashtags are all the rage. And ya’ll should join in and get healthy =)

Eat clean and green. Meaning of that? As little processed foods as possibly. NONE if possible. It’s going to take maybe a month to get my body and mind used to this idea, but ideally by March I’ll be pretty consistent and nearly-perfect at this. I know. Tough stuff.

Real journaling. Back in the day, I used to journal multiple times a week. Now I’m lucky if I sit down once a month and try to recap everything that’s happened. I like to blame my blog for this, actually. This year, I want to rediscover my love of REAL journaling. With a pen, paper, and some doodles in between. We’ll start with once a week, for now.

Go to two creative professionals networking events. This scares the crazy out of me. I hate big crowds (hard to believe, but I do.) I really need to meet more people in the design/creative industry, even if it’s just to talk and be inspired, not necessarily for job search purposes (although that’s what it will be mostly for haha).

Build my photography biz. I don’t even know where to start with this goal. There are so many huge goals within this giantly-enormous goal that I really need to think about it more. But just know… I’m not giving up. Nope.


Okayyy. That’s all for now.
Remember: #WorkIt365 AH! Let’s do it!


P.S. Woops. I forgot to add “Don’t be a bridezilla.” Ok, that’s really all. =)

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  1. 01/04/2012 12:38 am

    Eating “green” will be SO good, I’ve been doing that for a while now. Good luck!!

  2. 01/05/2012 2:15 pm

    Any time you want to start up that media company, let’s do it. I don’t have too many other choices at this point haha!

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