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[176] Californian Christmas Eve Eve (Dec 23rd).


We got up a took a 5 mile run around Nana’s neighborhood. Part of it was up a great big hill, overlooking the ocean. Lovely, but tough. I was strugglin’. It’s funny how even like 15 degree difference that what I’m used to on the east cast can totally mess with my body. Anywaysysysy…. Here’s me and my sis, after we were showered and dressed as twins in stripes. Dad was wearing a striped shirt too. We totally didn’t plan that.

Eeeeeee MALIBU! Where there are waves and seagulls and porches overlooking sunsets and a vast ocean. So perfect. Sis and I drank tea, read magazines, and as the sun was going down, did a little sunset photo shoot together. I took some film shots as well, so when those are developed I’ll post them.

Love this pic Megs took of me.

She’s a natural. Also, we look like twins. ALL. THE. TIME. Also, how perfect is this PINK sunset light?!

For dinner, we went to Nana’s favorite Italian restaurant to celebrate her 40x2th birthday! We ate a thousand good things, including chocolate mousse for dessert. And then took a thousand pictures. Here’s one of Nana and all her grandgirls! We all got fancy. It was fun.

It was a great Christmas eve eve in Cali!

More pics from Christmas Eve (today) later =)


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