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[169] Found my Guitar.

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Well, it was never lost. It was sitting in a corner, it’s main job being to collect the dust in that area of my room. Yes even though it was inside a case, there’s still dust on the actual guitar. Hmm.

I remember when I was all gung-ho (is that how you spell it?) about learning how to play guitar. It was my sophomore year of college and since I didn’t have many friends (worst year ever), I spent a lot of time sitting on my bed teaching myself guitar. Sadly, once junior year started I barely ever picked it up. But I sat down with it tonight, found some forever-ago bookmarked songs and started playing for a bit (until my fingers were sore). It’s funny how I remember the majority of the chords I used to know three years ago. This is one song I always wanted to learn to play:

THAT SONG. The one I listened to a thousand times over. Haha, I still love it just as much. I honestly have no intentions of picking guitar up again, maybe here and there, once in a blue moon type of thing. I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m not very invested in the idea of being a guitar player or having to play every single day in hopes that the callouses don’t fade. It’s fun, no doubt, and I wish I could be really good, but I’d rather be really good at other things. So it will continue to sit in the corner, getting air time on special occasions (like a boring Friday night). And I will continue to ogle at those wicked awesome guitar players in the world and enjoy the music they make!


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