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[167] Sugar High.


Erin, Aubrey & I baked CHRISTMAS COOKIES tonight! Aubz picked me up after work and we drove to Erin’s new apartment, which is only a 5 minute drive from Aubrey’s and a 15 minute drive from mine (which means this is the closest we’ve all lived to each other since our junior year of high school. craycray.) After Erin gave us the tour, we started baking! Aubz made macaroons. I made Oreo balls. Erin made vegan chocolate chip cookies (she’s a vegan-baking genius.) And Aubrey whipped up some sugar cookie dough so she could take it home and make some cookies for her roomies.

Our ingredients.

I probably ate more dough than I did actual cookies. Which is fine because these are vegan and don’t have raw eggs. A win win situation!

Cookie dough all over Aubrey’s hands, haha.

Macarooooooons. I love coconut. Nom.

Christmas tin! So cute. We also listened to Christmas music all night long.

And when we were done baking, I designed Aubrey a new tattoo! Which got me thinking about another one for me… hmmm… =)

Good night!


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