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[157] Cousins.


Nathaniel and I joined the church crew for (a DELICIOUS) lunch at Sal & Tina’s house this afternoon. This is how we were greeted at the door! With some newborn baby love. Vivia on the left, and two week old Eli! Loved meeting him for the first time today.

I helped make dessert which happened to be Oreo chocolate balls. Crushed Oreos mixed with cream cheese, rolled into balls and dipped in melted chocolate. Chill the in the fridge for 45 minutes and then eat them ALL!

After a long night at work, I’m now home getting Christmas card orders all sorted out and hopefully ready to mail out tomorrow! =) Gonna be good.

Also, somehow over the years I’ve acquired a THOUSAND penguins, which I’m not mad about, so I set them all up nicely in my living room to bring some holiday cheer to my apartment. Penguins make me smile. The biggest one on the right’s name is Schmoosh. Just in case you cared.



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  1. Tia permalink
    12/05/2011 7:41 pm

    they are ALL really sweet – the babies and the penguins :-) And of course Schmoosh’s name fits him – he looks like he’s ready to give you a big ole smmoooooooooch!

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