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[156] Aubz.


This morning I was productive (grocery shopping, laundry). I stopped by an art show near my house and everything was gorgeous and I wished I either had A) money to buy the work or B) supplies to make my own. Because, honestly, I can splatter paint all over a canvas and make it look good, too.

Aubrey and I spent the afternoon togethaaa. We ate a healthy lunch at Rox Diner (yummy salads) and then did a photo shoot in the little downtown-y area of Newtonville. The sunlight was sweet. We did a little bit of funky editing to some of the pics when we got home because they fit the style well. Yes? Yes. I’ll post more from this shoot on my bizblog soon.

For dinner, Nathaniel treated me to a free date at Chili’s. He’s actually more classy than he sounds, he just happened to have a few giftcards. =)

Ok, time to sleep to get ready for tomorrow.


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  1. Tia permalink
    12/05/2011 7:39 pm

    she’s beautiful!!

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