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[154] Today. Was. Craycray.


Hello. It’s 8:50pm and I’m writing this on a sticky note on my computer’s desktop while sitting in South Station after missing the train to Newtonville by 1 minute. Yep. ONE. You see, I thought it left from South Station at 8:40, but I read the schedule wrong (way to go me!) but it actually left at 8:20 and arrived in Newtonville at 8:40. So, there I was (here I am), all alone with two hours to spare. Sweet.

Let me recap my terribly exciting (lonnng) day for you:
Woke up. Ate oatmeal. Rode my turquoise bicycle named Tess for 24 minutes to job #1. Worked. Rode my turquoise bicycle named Tess for 19 minutes (it’s all downhill) home. Had 30 minutes to eat lunch. Walked 7 minutes to the commuter rail stop. Rode into the citayy (Boston, duh). Walked 10 minutes to job #2. Worked. Briefly talked on the phone with my Dad. Got dressed up and went to a wedding magazine holiday party. Ate crab cakes. Admired other people’s sparkly dresses. Walked 21 minutes to South Station. Missed the train by that one extra minute. Sat and wrote a blog post (Hi blog post!)

Here is me all gussied in my new dress, yay! Also, this doesn’t look like me. At least I don’t think it does.

Wow, my life is great! Great enough that I didn’t take a real picture the whole day. Sorry, Simon is just too heavy, and I already had enough to carry. The party decorations were super pretty though, and I wish I had thought to whip out my iPhone camera, but I was busy networking/talking to people about how cool New Hampshire is. Honestly. I miss it. Also (rant moment) now whenever I tell someone I graduated from Syracuse they’re all like “Ohhhh… Wow… That’s a bummer what’s going on with the basketball coach. How do you feel?” And I’m all like “As long as they keep winning I’ll be happy. Now let’s move on to a different topic, and remind me not to say the word Syracuse anymore.” (end rant)

Here is a pic I snagged from Jubilee Event’s twitter page. Yeah, I’m kind of creepy like that. Oops. Just wanted to remember the pretty party with sparkly dresses.

NEW TOPIC (I have a lot of time on my hands right now): I’ve had two app ideas in the last few days:
ONE: You know that app that helps you determine what song is playing on the radio? Well, there should be an app like that for fonts. Take a pic of the font and the app tells you what one it is. BRILLIANT! (Not that anyone except font people even care, baha) Also, if this already exists, WHAT IS IT CALLED, I need it. Or maybe I just need to memorize more fonts. Which is totally normal.
TWO: The MBTA needs to make an app where CharlieCard money is stored on the smart phones and people can tap their phones to the payment machines instead of digging through their wallets for their CharlieCards. I mean, everyone (me) ALWAYS has their phone either in their hand or pocket, both of which are easier to access quickly. Right?! Yes. Right. MBTA I NEED YOU THANKS.
P.S. Go ahead, steal my ideas, I dare you. You’re welcome.

Ok. In an effort to make this blog post/blog in general less about me and more about YOU, I’m going to tell YOU that I have a surprise for YOU really soon. It involves Christmas/winter. But not cards, sorry. Something to make your computer pretty. I’ll keep YOU updated about it. I just made it up right now so it’s still a little idea that needs to grow some more. Sort of spontaneous and a little whimsical and mostly awesome. Excited? Great.

And now I bet you all wished I didn’t have all this waiting time to write all this nonsense. Well, enjoy it because it won’t be happening anytime soon again. Busy busy. Double jobs tomorrow. Running/after-run-coffee dates with Aubrey, printing/sending card orders, date night with Nathaniel (lots of dates!) And church/finally seeing my church friends for the first time in forever on Sunday. And then hopefully hitting up a local craft fair. All events at which I promise I’ll take real pictures. Except maybe of sending cards. That’s boring.

I’m now laying in bed in my pj’s finally home, and wanting to share a story with you. As soon as I was done writing the above words/paragraphs, I wandered around South Station and ran into this:

Ok, not literally ran into it, but saw it, was amazed, and stopped to check it out. There was an older man with a nice (read: NICE) Nikon camera taking pictures of it so I asked him what he was taking pictures for. He said “Oh, just myself. I put them on my website.” He (his name is Ralph) then proceeded to tell me that him and his buddies have been putting up this wonderful display in the middle of South Station for the past 13 Christmases. He said each year it changes a little bit; more buildings are added, more details are payed attention to, ect. Um, also, he builds all the buildings. That’s dedication. Ralph explained that in recent years they hide little toys and characters around the display so little kids can have fun trying to find them. Then he gave me the list of characters and I got to find most of them! He helped me on a few. Here are my faves that I found:

Also, the reason I decided to stay and talk with Ralph and ask him lots of questions about his creation was because of something he said to me after I mentioned to him “I normally carry my nice camera around, but not today. Bummer.” He replied “The best camera is the one you have with you.” I stared at him for like five seconds and then grabbed my phone to write it down so I wouldn’t forget it. Ralph, you are a genius and I’m very grateful for our 25 minute chat about toy trains and Christmas decorations. Thanks for entertaining me while I waited for my real train to come. Everyone else, visit his website.

Love, Stephanie

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  1. 12/02/2011 3:09 pm

    Dear Stephanie,

    You need to meet WhatTheFont. I think you guys will be BFF’s. Not to mention his cute little iPhone-sized brother.


    • 12/02/2011 9:38 pm

      I knew about the site, but not the app! YES! WHEE! Except it’s not very accurate haha. But whatevs. And the other app, I hope it comes soon! Also, this is the first time you’ve commented on my blog YAY maybe I should talk about techy things more often =) Miss you Kevin!

  2. 12/02/2011 3:11 pm

    Oh, and your second app idea is totally feasible with some of the newer Android phones. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google starts beta testing something like that in San Francisco within a year.

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