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Thanksgiving 2011. Snowy New Hampshire Style.


Thanksgiving day started with Mom, Daddy, Meggles & I waking up bright & early and running a Turkey Trot 5K race in a beautiful, little, snowy town near my grandparents house. It was COLD. But the sun was lovely.

Loved this view.

Pre-race. Surprisingly, even those gloves couldn’t keep Meg’s hands warm during the race. It was seriously so cold.

When we got home Grandpa was already cooking the turkey! What a champ.

Sis & I went on a walk while others manned the kitchen. Love this pic of her.

This one is my fave, though.

She snapped some of me, too.

The dinner table, almost ready to go! Last minute cookers in the kitchen.

Omnomnomnom. My plate. Well, my FIRST plate. See that acorn squash filled with wild rice? FAVE THING.

After dinner, Mexican train happened. It’s my fam’s go-to after dinner game. I won the second round, hollaaaa. Then dessert was eaten… Lots of dessert… like SPICE CAKE (homemade by Megan). Nate, Dad and Grandpa watched football. I ate more spice cake. Megan took a nap. I ate more spice cake. Ect.

The immediate four. We’re crazy. This is the most tame picture we took.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Hope ya’ll had a great day with family, friends and food. <3


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  1. Genie Riordan Mule' permalink
    11/28/2011 7:55 pm

    Hi my dear Steph., What great and expressive photos…..thanks so much for sharing them with me. Everyone looks great, and even more so…..Happy. The table is very inviting. Wish we could have all shared together. It would have been fun…not to mention the dishes. Wow !! We had 11 at my house. The food was ordered from the Pantry downtown L.A…..Actually, it was quite tasty. I’;m looking forward to the Christmas holidays when we’ll all be together. Meanwhile, everyone be well….no winter flu’s or colds ‘OKAY ?
    Love to All, Nana

    • 11/29/2011 6:53 pm

      Nana, I can’t WAIT to see you! Just a few more weeks! We’ll take lots of pretty pictures while we’re there. Love you! ~Stephanie

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