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[fyi//44] Thanksgiving Delights.


Hey chaps. Can you believe it? Here we are, already in the week of Thanksgiving! That’s crazy. I thought September just started. Anyways, I came across some yummy, pretty things all in the Thanksgiving season spirit, so take a look!


1. Here’s an easy DIY candle centerpiece for ya’ll to try : Buy white candles. Find real leaves. Glue the leave on the white candles. Done!
2. I like this pillow. That is all.
3. Spiced creme brulee, IN A PUMPKIN. WHAT.

4. A lovely, gorgeous, beautiful Pottery Barn candelabra (that word reminds me of Beauty and the Beast) with festive gourds around the bottom to finish off the autumn-y look.
5. Love this illustration of the pumpkin truck! By Mary Kate McDevitt.
6. My new fave food is acorn squash, so this recipe filled with yummy wild rice will hopefully be on the Thanksgiving table on Thursday. But because I’m not cooking, HEY MEGAN will you make this? Thanks!

8. Autumn colored color blocked dress. Don’t know if I could rock this, but I’d love to try.
9. Picture perfect, straight from a magazine Thanksgiving table setup. Can I jump into that picture? Please!


Hey! Happy Thanksgiving for now! And I’ll probably say that again in the rest of the week’s picture posts. =)


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  1. 11/21/2011 5:16 pm

    Pumpkin cheesecake? That sounds delicious. I think I just found what desert I’m making for Thanksgiving!

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