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[The One with all the Christmas Card Info!]


Hey friendlies/fellow Christmas card lovers:
First of all, thank you to those who have already inquired about getting cards! You are wonderful.
Second of all, I finally have some more info for the rest of you!


The cards will be sold in sets. I posted the first set, “Simple Season” earlier in the week which includes 6 different designs. Here is the second set, “Handwritten Holiday”, which includes 4 different designs:

And here is the third set, “Captured Christmas”, that features six photo-oriented designs:

Simple Season : 6 designs/12 cards (2 of each design) : $16.00/set – or 2 for $28
Handwritten Holiday : 4 designs/8 cards (2 of each design) : $12.00/set – or 2 for $20
Captured Christmas : 6 designs/12 cards (2 of each design) : $16.00/set – or 2 for $28

Each card is 4×5 inches when folded and comes with it’s own 4×6 white envelope. All cards are printed on 80 lb. white cardstock. The inside of each card is blank so you can write your own personal message (the best kind of message) to your loved ones. The cards are individually hand made (meaning I hand cut and fold them all with lots of love… I even seal the package with a kiss).

All designs and pictures are completely original! First I doodle the design, then I replicate that doodle using fancy computer programs. And all pictures were taken by my beloved camera, Simon (yes, my camera has a name).

Custom Designs:
If you have a desire to customize your Christmas cards, I can do that for you, for an extra fee. Email me with your ideas and together we’ll come up with something great. These should be ordered as soon as possible so we can make sure to create a card you love and get them to you on time for Christmas.

Speaking of that! All card orders must be placed by December 10th so I can print, make and ship them to you with enough time for you to write and send them out to everyone! If you forget and don’t order ’til December 17th? I can still make & send you the cards, but don’t blame me if your friends don’t get them ’til January! =)


SO! That’s what’s up. Also: I am aware that you could go to CVS and print out 200 cards for a lot less money than these, so the fact that you are interested in purchasing these cards truly means a lot. Thank you so much for supporting me and the world of small businesses in general. You are very special people.

Email me at for any and all inquiries or questions about Christmas cards.

Thank you! And again, you are very lovely people. I’m honored to call you my blog readers.


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