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[142] Quincy Market Tree Lighting.


The T ride took 30 minutes longer than normal, so we were pretty sure we missed the big moment of extreme light-y-ness. But, what to my wandering eyes did appear? SIX SECONDS TO SPARE! We walked down the cobblestone sidewalk towards Quincy Market, heard a guy talking, but didn’t see any light. Right as we rounded the corner, BAM! Let there be light! And even better, it was magical, Christmas-y sort of light.

Also, isn’t this the cutest? The little girl wanted to make sure her doll got a good view of the tree, too.

We did a picture trade with another couple. I took their pic & they took ours. Good teamwork.

Then a stroll to the harbor, a walk through the North End, a meander down to the Commons, a fun conversation, a minty hot cocoa, and an express T ride back home. Thanks for a fun night, boy =)


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  1. 11/20/2011 9:07 am

    Sounds so happy Steph :) Hope you have a blessed holiday season in the good ole’ USA. Love the Christmas cards – maybe I can but some when I get back for next year? lol.

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