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[140] Familiarity.


Honesty: I know that I should be trying as hard as I can to enjoy the current “season” of my life, and I am, for the most part. But I am a woman of routine, I am someone who loves being comfortable and the feeling of familiarity, and I’m sure that’s not an uncommon trait for most people. Recently there have been days when I just miss certain places, settings and people; all the things I was so familiar with in college that were all of a sudden *poof* gone. Over! Never coming back.

I miss coming home from the Warehouse to Lancaster 965 at night only to find Sarah dressed in her sweats and an apron baking something yummy and Katie curled up under a fuzzy blanket on the couch writing yet another research paper. I’d light the peppermint candle and get my computer all set up on the dining room table, ready to do more work and Amanda would come down from her room and make tea and we’d all get chatting. Then Kate would burst through the front door after hanging out with Devon and jump around the room for a while and then snuggle underneath the blanket with Katie. The rest was history. Good luck to us trying to get work done for the rest of the evening. Or getting to bed before 2 am.

I miss the quiet of Stratford Avenue after a snow storm. I’d get up early and as I walked to campus all bundled up, I’d only stop to take pictures… of icy berries and the blackbirds on the telephone wires and other pretty things that caught my eye. It always took twice as long when I had my camera with me, but I didn’t mind.

I miss waiting on my front porch on Thursday mornings for Lisa or Steph to pick me up and get us to the Warehouse with enough time to finish up that last credit before we had to present in class. “Morning! How much sleep did you get?” “Three hours, but I feel pretty good.” “Five hours, but we absolutely must stop to get coffee at Brueggers.” Then we’d crank up the country music (or Christmas music) and set our destination to 350 West Fayette. I miss the promise of at least 8 hours a day of uninterrupted time all together during every finals week. I miss our work flow schedule of: work for 10 minutes, walk to Starbucks for a peppermint mocha, do a little more work, gaze out the window, try to focus on work, nap on the green couches, have Glee dance party, sketch a few logos, head down to the cafe for dinner, back up the the 3rd floor to do more work, and probably trek back to Starbucks for more coffee. “Will you grab my print?” “Sure, what project?” “Juicy juice re-brand. Roller derby nuns.” or the infamous, “Get on AIM, I have to tell you something.” =)

I miss Thursday nights, after a long day in critique, finally being able to relax and go to Cru. I’d always get there a few minutes early, so I’d sit in the lobby and read the DO and listen to the band go over their songs for the night. Cru was the ultimate definition of familiarity for me. The friends, the smiles, the songs, the “how can I pray for yous”, the “whose car can I ride in?” to the post-Cru eating fests at Tully’s.

I miss the familiar, welcoming atmosphere of the Dome on opening night of the season, or on a big game day like Georgetown or Villanova. The craziness, the sea of orange, the cheers, the band, the fans, the players, the everything. I would always arrive early and grab a good seat up front, trying to save as many seats for friends as possible. I’d text something like”Section 102 to the left a little bit, up front” to everyone I could think of and then wait for them to respond “I’m here, stand up and wave your arms around so I can find you!”. And every so often I’d check behind me to watch the entire student section slowly filling up, more and more, overflowing to the next section over, students all crammed together eating their nachos and proudly wearing their free Otto’s Army shirts.

I miss walking into 943 Ackerman and kicking off my shoes into a whole big pile of guys shoes. I’d yell up to Nate in his room that I was here and that he should come down, and then I’d go chill in the living room with the guys. I miss hearing about the new advertising project Michael was working on, as he sat at the big wooden table in the dining room. And Kevin would be curled up in the navy blue round chair in the corner reading up on the latest technological something-or-other, and Mike sitting on the couch with an art history book wide open on the coffee table, trying to write a paper that was due three days ago. I miss distracting all of them from their work (sorry!), being their honorary fifth roommate, & openly using them for their TV so I could watch the away SU basketball games.

I miss my usual running routes around my neighborhood. The “safe” ones I ran when I didn’t feel like branching out and going somewhere new. The ones I happened upon when my sense of direction was skewed and I ended up running further than I thought. The one that led me to the top of a hill, overlooking the city. The ones I’d run on cold days because I knew the majority of the route was in the sun. The ones I knew had the least hills for those lazy days. The ones I got excited to take my Mom on when she was visiting. I miss the little pond at Barry Park where my running career started.

I don’t know how to finish this. I miss things & honestly I miss way more than just what I’ve written (don’t even get me started on Barcelona. Or Camp Spofford). My heart gets used to one thing and then when things change, it has a hard time letting go. I just had to write it out so I could prove to myself I’ll always remember those awesome four years we call college, and try to move on, I guess.

I guess you all got a little more than a picture tonight. Thanks for reading.


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  1. 11/19/2011 10:28 am

    oh em gee. can you make me cry anymore? miss you so much stephy, and coming home to 965 late at night (early morning) knowing we both just spent way too much time at the warehouse. or coming home on a nice day and sitting out on the porch. <3

  2. Tia permalink
    11/22/2011 8:03 pm

    Hey Steph,
    I’m just getting around to reading this now….Yeah, change can sometimes be sad…but memories never die, and you can always go back there in your head and heart….’though the Bible cautions us not to look backward tooooo much or we’ll turn into a pillar of salt! Being in the present moment is the way to go…

    We want some of your Xmas cards; will see you and talk to you on Turkey Day!!!

  3. 11/18/2012 9:29 pm

    I am crying. What a brilliant and vivid picture you painted here. I frequently feel the same way, sometimes I miss things so much I just have to let it out for a moment. The past has been wonderful, things that I will never forget; we both have to remember the stunning memories life is shaping for us now, as well as in the future. See you soon.

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