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[for your inspiration] Blog Posts I Love.


Good morning and get ready to be DISTRACTED! YAY! That’s what I’m here for every Monday anyways, isn’t it? =)

Today, I’m sharing some blog posts I love. Yes, I read a TON of blogs. Yes, I love them all (or I wouldn’t bookmark/follow them, duh). Yes, I’m willing to share their goodness with you. You are completely welcome. Check out all this awesomeness.

1. An adorable little blonde lovely with a big red balloon over on Amanda’s blog.
2. A super great fall outfit with boots I envy on Bethany’s blog.
3. A great how-to on making winter woodland terrariums over on Zoe’s blog.
4. A funny/cute post about different salt and pepper shakers on a different Amanda’s blog. =)
5. Creative Katie is at it again: Painting / leaving special rocks all over the place for people to find.
6. A great round up of black and white typography on Ellie’s blog.

And that’s all for now. Go get lost on the internet. I give you permission. Your boss won’t mind, right? Nahhh…



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