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[136] Chilly Half Marathon.


About three months ago I made an impulsive decision to sign up for a half marathon. At that point the furthest I’d ever run was 7 miles, and that had only happened once. So right after I signed up I sort of kicked myself. And then started training. You know me, I have a love/hate relationship with running, so the whole training period was rough and awesome at the same time, but mostly rough, which made me reallyyyy stinkin’ nervous to run this half marathon. Right up until mile 3.5 this morning I was completely nervous. But my cheer leading squad was right at the start with me which made it less scary! Sarah, Kay, Erica, Nate, Daddy & Mom, thanks SO MUCH for being there (and everywhere else) for me! I love your faces. Anyways, here are some pictures from this morning and more commentary with them.

(Me & my boy who woke up super early to come and support me and I love him so much.)

See me down there? I was probably picking just the right song to start the race with. It ended up being… wait for it… Taio Cruz’s “Break Your Heart” bahahaha. I’m so lame. But it totally pumped me up and got me going. The beginning of the race was weird because there were literally thousands of people (1,093 to be exact) and it was intimidating and I wasn’t sure what I was doing (running, duh Stephanie). But like I said, by mile 3.5 I was totally fine and was loving it. As much as one can love running 13 miles at 7:30 in the morning.

The course ran right by my house! I was so lucky to have my cheer squad waiting for me at mile 5.5… aka on my front lawn =) Momma decided to run with me a little while, maybe about a mile, and it was nice to have her company. There we are:

I did take a few cellular device pictures while I ran (crazy me!) but it was so pretty! We ran right by a lake around mile 3, and up and down a few great hills during miles 8 and 9. Call me crazy (again), but I like hills. =) Apparently we ran down Heartbreak Hill, but I wasn’t sure which one it was. Whatevs.

The cheer squad surprised me at the last water stop (mile 11). I remember actually saying “What are you doing here?!” and Nate took pictures, and then I said “I have to go finish!” Haha. It was funny. You had to be there.

SUPER EMBARASSING PICTURE COMING UP. It was right at the end and I was giving my dad a high five, hahaha.

“I’m done! I got a medal! I need water! My feet hurt! I want to eat many bagels! Nap time!”

Me and the gals, Erica, Sare & Kaybear. Thanks again so much for coming to support me! And for the post-race chocolate supply!

Me and the proud parentals. Dad said that while he was cheering, seven runners yelled “Go Cuse!” when they saw his sweatshirt. Newton, I knew I loved you for a reason.

And then we ate bagels. And drank coffee. And ate barbeque. And ate a lot of cornbread. Noms to the max. I’m going on a diet tomorrow.



Oh yeah, P.S. my final time was 2:15:41 which was five minutes faster than my goal of 2:20. Put me at a 10:20 pace. Which is way better than I thought I could do. Sweet!

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  1. Molly permalink
    11/14/2011 10:11 pm

    Wooooo!! :)

  2. Tia permalink
    11/16/2011 2:54 pm

    SO happy to finally be able to look at all your pictures!! Yehaw!! I hope you weren’t too mad when Malik posted your time on your FB page without asking….:-) He was proud of you, being a former runner himself! Of course, we all were (proud of you, that is)!

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