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[131] Day of Thriftiness.


In this morning’s random doodle post I wrote about how I wanted to go thrifting soon. I didn’t think it’d be today soon! There’s a church a few blocks away that has a thrift store in the basement (the same one that Mom, Nate & I tried to go to this summer). Luckily I planned the right day to go, because it’s only open on Tuesdays and Saturdays. It was one fairly small room filled with what normal people would call junk, but I took a good look around and actually found some great stuff! (and more stuff that I knew I didn’t need but wanted really badly, like two really old glass whiskey bottles with the dates embossed on them. 1879 or something crazy old like that. and a really pretty green ring. and a really gorgeous wooden box that I’d love my jewelry to live in someday). Anyways! On my second time around the store, I discovered this set of three mugs by a local artist (didn’t say who, and the engraved name is too faded to read, sad) but aren’t they FABULOUS!? Totally the perfect addition to my mug collection (yes, I collect mugs, it’s awesome). Guess what, they were five bucks for the whole set. Total deal. I can’t wait to make tea later. Also, this leather bag! I’ve been wanting a nicer-than-my-colorful-but-holey-bag bag and guess what, this is IT! Totes gonna be using this every day. Also, it still smells like leather. Love it.

Contrary to popular belief, that chair wasn’t thrifted. It came with my apartment. Charming, huh? Baha.

Have any of your gone thrifting lately and found great stuff? Where did you go? What did you find? Tell me about how awesome it is!

New blogsite SO SOON. I haven’t forgotten.


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  1. Erica permalink
    11/08/2011 6:35 pm

    So this sounds really cheesy, but I am speechless lol Like really, I love the pictures of the trees – I feel like you captured autumn. In two pictures. When I finally get a job and an office some place I am totally going to be your biggest customer lol actually I’ve been thinking about this for a while; I really really love your pictures!!!

    P.S. nice purse!! So jealous lol and the mugs are a good steal too! I have yet to go thrifting this year, but my old graduation dress was from a consignment shop on Newbury:) $30 and I still wear it… One of my favorites actually!

  2. Kate permalink
    11/08/2011 7:46 pm

    5 dollars is insane! That is the biggest steal ever. The one in the back on the right is my favorite and hope you let me use it whenever I visit. And oh my gosh that bag! It is the perfect not black/not brown/so it can go with everything color. Perfect! So many exclamation points.

    My thrift stories are not news because I buy things used all the time. But just now I made some returns to the craft store Michael’s and bought a whole bunch of wrapping paper and ribbons AND had a 50% off coupon and ended up with $3.24 in cold hard cash plus all my new stuff. I was pretty proud of that. Love you!

  3. Tia permalink
    11/09/2011 1:39 pm

    Ditto all of the above.
    Haven’t been to a thrift shop in awhile, but Steph, there is a GREAT one in Laconia….huge…I’d bet you’d love it.
    CU soon!!

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