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[fyi//42] Things that are Wonderful.


1. Things I love: frames filled with colorful buttons (from Freckled Nest, my new fave blog). Story about buttons: when I was little and went with my mom to the fabric store, I always bee lined straight for the button department. I thought they were so great! I’ve always wanted to start a collection. Maybe I will soon. And then make fun Christmas presents.

2. Awesomely patterned clutch. Yeah, yeah I’m clearly not a clutch person, but if I was, I’d own this one!

3. Gorrrgeous picture by one of my very own blog readers, Sara! Love the perfect colors in this!

4. This font is called Dulce, and it’s SO PRETTY. I want it in my Fontbook. Please. Is it weird to ask for fonts for Christmas? Maybe. Dearest Santa, please hook me up with Dulce this year. I’ll leave you extra yummy cookies!

5. Speaking of cookies: There is a DONUT on that tote bag! Bahahaha! So weird. But awesome. If I saw you on the street carrying this tote around, I’d totally ask to be your friend.

6. Another premature Christmas excitement: 3D Christmas cards complete with glasses! Why didn’t I think of that. Designed and sold at Wit & Whistle (a blog/shop I also check on a daily basis).


That’s a wrap! Now I’m off to take pictures of kids in Santa hats all day (it’s been Christmas at the photo studio since September. No joke.)


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  1. 11/07/2011 9:44 pm

    D’aww thanks! :)

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