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[fyi//41] Please. These are awesome.


1. Can we discuss just how many of these hershey kiss/caramel chip acorn candies I could eat in one sitting? Like, a hundred. Oh my goodness, these look delicious.
2. A cute/creative ski pass save the date. I think it’s great.
3. This picture is basically my main inspiration for a photo shoot I’m doing Wednesday!

4. Gorgeous, delicate, perfect fine-art wedding portrait by Elizabeth Messina.
5. Colorful collection of jewels mixed with an old pocket watch.
6. I LOVE the script font in this tattoo!! It’s gorgeous. Like, absolutely gorgeous. And I don’t have a credit link for it. I apologize.

7. Geometric antler necklace. Yes, it’s made from an antler. Is it weird to wear antlers around your neck? Not if they look this great.
8. This page from a children’s book called Eli, No! inspired a new personal project I’m now working on. Lots of words and shapes and coolness.
9. I’m absolutely in love with this diptych of a dad and his little girl! So cute. Every day I’m starting to love family photography more and more. Thanks, job.


And because it’s Halloween, a special funny:

This is true. Livin’ it up.



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  1. 11/08/2011 5:44 pm

    Thanks for writing about my antler jewelry Stephanie! You totally made my day.

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