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[119] Brui…


~It rained for most of the day. Oh, wait, all of the day.
~At least it ain’t snow like I hear good ‘ol NH has.
~On my way to work I stopped at a new bakery called Rosie’s. It’s all pink inside. And has pretty good lattes.
~I learned how to box this afternoon. Like, with boxing gloves and everything. Good workout, but now my pinkies are bruised.
~Speaking of brui… At the photo studio today, I did a family shoot of four kids all decked out in Bruins gear. They were super fun and excited. They smiled a lot. Except for the littlest girl, she wasn’t so happy at first, but her big brothers tickled her and made her laugh. Cute stuff.
~Oh yeah, the picture. Boring, sorry.


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  1. Erica permalink
    10/27/2011 10:25 pm

    The picture? Boring? Sorry????!!! Stephanie, I’m sorry, this is NOT boring! Both my roomate and I had the same reaction “ooooohh…. mmm…. I like that :)” No joke. You got talent girl!! And this picture definitely shows :) Seriously. I like would love to frame it and put it up in my dream office/practice (that will someday happen ,,,maybe lol).

  2. Erica permalink
    10/27/2011 10:26 pm


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