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[118] City Lights.


I’m quite confident I already have a 365 post from either the first round or this round called “City Lights”. But I’m too not creative at this moment to think of another title.

I’ve recently been telling people there are still 3 weeks ’til my 1/2 marathon but I just glanced at my countdown and noticed there are only SEVENTEEN DAYS. People, do you understand what this means?! I HAVE TO RUN 13 MILES. By myself. On my own. With only me and country music. And perhaps Justin Beiber. ON MY OWN. IN ALMOST TWO WEEKS. I’m so nervous. Please, come cheer me on. You can even sit right on my front porch with mugs of hot cocoa and cheer from there! Yes, the race course directs me right down my street at mile 8 and I will need EVERY muscle of self control in my body to not run up my stairs and flop onto my couch. I need you all there to stop me. I’m begging you. Also, if all you’re gonna do is lazily sit on my front porch, the least you can do is make a sign with my name on it really big. That would be fun.

I tried on 18 (give or take) pairs of boots today. Payless to TJMaxx to DSW back to TJMaxx back to DSW back to Payless. Luckily they’re all across from each other in Downtown Crossing so it wasn’t that much walking. That being said, I DIDN’T FIND BOOTS. I mean, I found a lot. But they were either too ugly, too sweaty, too expensive, too tight, too brown, too fuzzy, too old ladyish… you get it. I want the perfect boots and I just didn’t find them. And the thing that sucks is I DID find the perfect ones last weekend at a cute boutique shop but they cost 14 months of rent, and I want not willing to spend that, but THEY WERE PERFECT and if I can’t find similar ones soon, I might be homeless soon. Sooooo… there’s that.

And then there’s this: I just found a completely perfect newborn & big sister pose (first picture of this post) that I can’t wait to try at the photo studio tomorrow. Hoping I actually have a session that includes a newborn and big sister. These are the things I think about to help me get excited to go to work. Also: I’m working on Halloween, which means OBVIOUSLY I need a costume. HELP ME, I need ideas. Something kid friendly, that is also easy to crawl around on the ground and take pictures in. Oh, also, that is cheap and/or made from things I already have. Ideas, GO!


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  1. 10/26/2011 10:18 pm

    How did you get into running/keep up the motivation? I’ve been wanting to start running again but I can’t seem to make myself! I love the second picture btw, I ♥ bokeh!

  2. Tia permalink
    10/27/2011 1:30 pm

    So when, Nov. 13th??? Hmmm. Not sure I/we can make it, but will certainly send you lots of positive energy, love, and encouragement :-)

    PS Perfect boots are less important than a place to live, especially in the winter :-) Can you describe the perfect boots for us??

  3. Tia permalink
    10/27/2011 1:32 pm

    What about something with your graduation gown?? with a turban scarf? Or an old lady dress you pick up at the thrift shop, with a pillow here and there, or something……have fun whatever you end up as :-)

  4. 10/27/2011 8:30 pm

    Sara — I don’t know what Steph’s trick was, but I (somewhat) recently got into running too, and I really liked the couch to 5K program! Definitely google it and see if it is something you’re interested in, it really worked well for me.

    Steph — I, too, am on a quest for boots! We should join our efforts and make a trip together :)

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