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[116] Thinking.


I don’t know this old man, he just sat across from me at Starbucks today. He spent a lot of time reading papers with funny equations and weird mathematical symbols on them. And then his friend came by and sat down at our table for a while. He was reading a big, thick book about Renior’s drawings and art. I didn’t talk to them as they looked very concentrated on what they were reading. But I liked them anyways.

I’m happy to say that today started off pretty miserably, but ended very well. Good-outlook-ing. I guess “promising” would be the right word. That’s what happens when you talk to good friends. Thanks for your encouragements.

Also, I’m unashamedly listening to Matt Wertz’s new CHRISTMAS album already. Yes, Christmas. It’s that time of October. You know you want to listen, too.


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  1. Kate permalink
    10/25/2011 10:55 am

    I wouldn’t mind being like those old men some day. That sounds like a good life. And heck yes Christmas! Devon and I sang Christmas carols on the ride home from Gramma’s on Sunday. It was awesome.

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