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[114] Halloweeny.


This is THE most frightening Halloween yard decoration I’ve ever seen. Straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean. Or a nightmare.

We had a head-sized leaf party. I don’t even know what that means. But it was fun.

I was scared.

Brilliantly orange.

A story from work this morning that I want to remember: A young couple and their one year old baby boy came in for a photo shoot. While I was still setting up backdrops and getting ready, the mom was holding the little boy so he was standing (you know, when they stand and bounce and are adorable? that’s how he was). She decided to let go of him to see if he could stand on his own. “He’s never done it before so I doubt he’ll do it now.” But guess what? He did! He stood all by himself. Only for like 30 seconds, but still. The dad was seriously the most excited person in that moment and started saying things like “Oh my goodness, he’s NEVER done that. Oh my GOODNESS, are you seeing this?! He’s standing! Where’s you camera?!” Well my camera was around my neck, so of course I took a picture! (and approximately 80 more throughout the whole session). Anyways, it was sort of special for me, too, to be able to witness that even though I didn’t really have a reason to be excited. Not like it was my kid. But it was special nonetheless. =)

Just want to remember that.


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  1. Tia permalink
    10/26/2011 2:01 pm

    Fun pics and great baby story!!!

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