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[110] Fall & Winter.


Things & stuff:
– If you have an iPod or iPad, check out Give a Doodle! Where you can doodle a turkey and send it to the Greater Boston Food Bank. For every doodle sent they’ll donate one Thanksgiving dinner to a family in need. Doodling for a good cause? I’m IN.
– New Casting Crowns CD. Heard it on Spotify earlier today and listened to it for about an hour already and will probably listen to it for about another four hours today.
– Nate told me write about how much I miss trick or treating. That’s a good idea, except I don’t miss it. Baha. But I am getting excited to give out candy to kids who come by my house. Which sounds creepy, but it’s totally not. I might even dress up. Any costume suggestions?
– On my run I saw the most gorgeous patch of radiating sunlight cascading down into a bunch of trees (like, I gasped and almost started crying, no joke, don’t judge me) and I so desperately wanted to stop and take a pic, but alas I don’t usually run with my camera, so I couldn’t. Luckily this nice couple was standing across the street taking pics, the wife with her iPhone and the husband with his big professional camera. I actually stopped to thank them for taking pictures because I was just so happy someone else recognized the gorgeousness of the moment. Safe to say I will be going back to that spot in the near future to snap some pics.
– Also on my run: I got a migraine. Not something I ever want to happen again.
– Happy Tues.


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