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[108] Lumberjack.


I met some lumberjacks today. They were busy chopping up the large tree limb that fell into their yard on Friday night. It was an all afternoon kind of job… but I ditched them for a 7 mile run instead.

So, I’m thinking about doing an recap every Sunday. Because I do like some of the pics I take with my little iPhone cam. Not that these are a work of art or anything, but just simple pictures of life that I thought some people would enjoy. So let me know if this is something you’d be interested in. Here’s this week:

waiting for the bus // little fluffy caterpillar dude // lights at worship practice
a $2 bill paid for my hazelnut coffee // postal service truck pattern // teeeeny little leaf
sunny red berries // ominous autumn sky // psalm 5:11-12

alrighty then. come back tomorrow morning for inspired goodness.

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