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[107] Praising.

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First of all, I just want to mention that I’m probably way too excited about the new shampoo I bought today. I seriously can’t wait to shower tomorrow morning.

Anyways, tonight was Elevation Chapel’s night of worship. It was soOoOo great. God showed up, moved hearts & spoke to people. We praised and sung our hearts out. I met some wonderful Wellesley & Bentley college kids who came to our church for the first time (it was sort of an outreach to them) so that was a blessing. I miss college. I remember how important a home church was for me in college, so I’m praying some of those kids felt welcome enough to come back and worship with us again.

Here are some seriously grainy and not very well exposed/taken/composed/anything pictures that I tried to snap during the first song of the night. They aren’t perfect, but at least it’s something. The rest of the night I sang on the worship team, which was a great experience, and I’m really starting to love it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also: This song is officially on my “most powerful songs ever” list : The Stand.


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