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[97] Picture of Autumn.

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The first picture reminds me of autumn. That sounds silly, but look: the yellow school bus, the color-turned leaves on the trees & strewn along the sidewalk, the long shadows being cast across the road. What you can’t see is the crisp wind and the feeling of wanting to stuff my hands in my pockets! Which is exactly what happened after I took the picture. Also, my neighborhood is super cute.

I walked to the post office & the camera store to ask about getting Simon’s sensor cleaned out, which is going to cost more than I expected but is very necessary and will be done this weekend. On my way back I wanted a warm treat, so I stopped at a sweet little coffee house to nom on a mug of hot cocoa. Usually when I go to a coffee shop I bring doodling supplies, but I was empty handed, so I tooled around on my iPhone for a while. But then I realized I was one of those people who tool around on their iPhones all the time and immediately hated myself. So I stopped. And just sat and sipped and thought about stuff.

And that’s that.
Happy today.


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