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[93] Dinner Date.


I worked at the photo studio for the majority of the day. One woman who came in for photos was originally from Barcelona, and you all know my mad obsession with Barcelona, so I sort of wanted to be her best friend. She was sweet. Then I postponed my 8 mile run until tomorrow because a whole lot of excuses (headache, feet hurt, not enough time), but I’ll do it tomorrow, I promiseeeee.

Nate & I went out to dinner at the Medway Cafe with two of our friends, Kevin & Tanya. I hadn’t seen them since mid-July when we all went to see Harry Potter together, so it was really nice to hang out for a while! And we ate yummy apple pie for dessert, so that was great.

I haven’t been keeping up with Hillsong lately, so this song might be old news to some of you, but if you haven’t heard Beautiful Exchange yet, definitely go check that out.

I am trying to come up with a clever/funny thing to say for my phone voicemail. Any suggestions?


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