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[89] Worm’s Eye View.


(that would be this picture)

A few things worth mentioning today:
– My sister is revamping her blog and is going to focus on environmentally friendly things (you know Megan!). She’ll post good-for-the-world tips and articles, cute thrifted outfits, and (hopefully, maybe this is my wishful thinking) yummy (vegetarian) recipes. Check it out now & then keep checking back!
– Animal crackers. Why do you exist in my pantry. Or should I say, why DID you exist.
– My head was so not in today’s game. Basically all I wanted to do all day was sit on my butt and surf the web. Um, not okay.
– I did do a bit of biz re-branding (new header on the blog will give you a small look of how it’s going) (little by little) (I need a real website someday) (and a new camera) (life is so expensive).
– It took me all day (’til about 4:00) to even think about getting outside to run (4 miles, it was awesome. I always dread it, it’s a weird feeling)(running and I have a weird relationship).
That’s all. What was good about your day? Did you eat lots of animal crackers, too?


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  1. 09/29/2011 4:55 pm

    thanks for the PR :) ps. did you get a new phone?

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