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[85] Chai, Baby Girl & Rain.


Hanging with my best friend CAM was this highlight of my day. We hadn’t seen each other in a whole year (actually, longer. like, a year and a few months). Even though our hang out time (drinking chai/iced mocha goodness at Panera) was short, it was lovely. We caught up about life and school and all that important stuff. Next hang out spot? J.P. Licks. =)

I finally met Sondra & Mario’s baby girl, Vivia, tonight! She was born 16 days ago and she is so tiny and little and small and sleepy! I can’t (read: ABSOLUTELY can’t) wait to do a newborn shoot with her within the next week or two!

I rode my bike home and got soaked to the bone. Like.. it looked like I had showered with my clothes on. Superb.

Somedays I think in tweets. I don’t actually tweet those thoughts, though. Here were some “tweet thoughts” of the day.
– Things I can only do with my right hand: hold an umbrella.
– Well that was an unexpected hour and a half lostwalk around Boston.
– Things I currently want to be doing instead of standing up: laying down. eating. watching TV.
– I just learned the hard way that my bike brakes don’t work when it’s raining.

AND that’s a wrap.


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