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[84] Mishmash.


P.S. From yesterday: Forgive me if I made it seem like I was the one wearing patterned pants and a jean jacket. Come on, I’m not that clueless! But I will admit I looked more ready to go spend a day at the beach than I did for a glam party. It’s okay. We learn from our mistakes.

ANYWHO. Onto the pictures.

Before you get mad at me for posting more (threedaysinarowah!) low quality pictures, I just want to point out  the fact that I’m wearing an OLD SCHOOL (circa: 1999?) Camp Spofford soccer week t-shirt. Which actually makes them automatic high quality picture. OK? Great. Also: I have awkward dimples.

Quick: I just wanted to remind myself how blessed I am with having 2 jobs that I enjoy. Because even though putting up with sporadic schedules / inconsistent weekly hours is annoying, I have an income. I’m making connections. I’m furthering my ‘craft’. Not in just one, but both jobs! I’m learning and asking questions and getting answers and making friends. I’m so very, very blessed. Thank you, Lord. I’m doing my best for you.


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