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[82] Things you (probably) don’t know about me.


Lots of parentheses within parentheses coming your way.

– (pictured) Sometimes I write notes to Nate that I never plan on showing him. I date them & number them. It’s kind of like a journal, except this time I’m writing to a real person and not just to “journal”. Maybe someday I’ll let him read them all. =)
– The light in the bathroom has to be on before I walk in, thanks to this movie I watched 100 years ago. (edit: I just re-watched the trailer. It’s not even that scary anymore.)
– Right after I turned 18, I went on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard with 3 high school friends and got my belly button pierced without telling my parents. They only found out, like, a month ago (aka: 4 years later). (No, I don’t have the piercing anymore. It was only cool for about a year, haha.)
-Also, with those same high school friends, I got a tattoo during Christmas break of my freshman year of college and told my parents after the fact (welp, sorry Mom, can’t do anything about it now!). I had this big elaborate plan to hide it from them (a watch with a wide wristband!)(forever?! riiiiight), but caved under the pressure of my mom asking “So, what did you girls do today?” (P.S they were really cool girls, honestly! but we were sort of rebels, I guess.)
– I am not a fan of sitting sideways or backwards on the T. Must. find. forward. facing. seat. Or stand (facing in the right direction).
– I’ve written all my ‘R’s in uppercase since 7th grade. My math teacher, Mrs. Adam, wrote all her ‘R’s that way and I thought she was really cool (she had a southern accent!)(actually, at first I thought she just genuinely didn’t know how to write lower case ‘r’s), so I started doing it and haven’t stopped. I hate lowercase ‘r’s now. Like. I’m not kidding.
– When I was 8 or 9 I had an imaginary friend named Bethlehem. Her nickname was Beth. She was cool.
– I’ve watched the movie “What a Girl Wants” at least once a year for the last… oh… since it came out in 2003. I use (or think about using) lines from it in everyday conversations. For example: “Don’t let him in, I’m not even cute yet!”
– If I can hear the harmony in a song, I’ll automatically sing it. It’s a habit. Not sure if it’s bad or not.
– The only reason I’m going running soon is so I can sit on my butt in front of tonight’s season of Biggest Loser without feeling guilty.
– LADY ANTEBELLUM IS MY FAVORITE BAND. Oh wait, you already knew that. Watch their new video and try not to drool over the gorgeous people in it. Or their gorgeous harmonies (speaking of harmonies). Or the gorgeous firework bokeh.

Ahhh that’s enough talking, Stephanie!

What’s something I don’t know about you??


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  1. sarah permalink
    09/22/2011 9:56 pm

    I usually write my R’s in uppercase too! (not always though). I love this list of secret information. love you!! something you don’t know about me is…. I LOVE HELLO KITTY! actually, you probably already knew that. oh well. :)

  2. Meg Hart permalink
    09/24/2011 9:20 pm

    So i write my Rs in uppercase too. I love that line from What a Girl Wants. I cannot help but sing to songs that have good harmony unless they are SO GOOD that i would rather only listen. The last thing I must say is I think it is funny all mom had to say was “What’d you do today” for you to tell her about the tattoo. hhahahaah apparently you are great under pressure. not!

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