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[fyi//33] Squares, 3D & Food.


Sometimes I feel like these inspiration posts get repetitive. Do I post the same things every week? I try to keep it interesting. I honestly post the things that make me go “Woah!” and so if the same things make me go “Woah!” every week, then I guess I’m pretty consistent with the things I like. But I don’t want it to get boring, so if there’s something that you think I should post more of (cough*graphic design*cough) let me know!


1. There are soooo many things you can do to reuse paint chips or color swatch books. Like covering a whole dining room wall with them!
2. Let’s all go learn how to make a woven paper journal cover, shall we?
3. This picture by one of my fave photog duos, He & She Photography, is in front of the most amazing collaged wall I’ve ever seen in my life. Or maybe the only collaged wall I’ve ever seen in my life! SO COOL! Where do people find these cool locations?

4. Dear mosaic hopscotch. You WILL be in my future house’s front/back yard, hand made/designed by me. This is a fact. See you in a few years. Love, Stephanie
5. In keeping with last week’s ‘making things from paper’ trend, I love this old paper folded cam.
6. Lovely/mod/retro/awesomely designed chair by Zoe Murphy.

I love food (duh), and only recently have given in to the fact that I will have to make all my meals for the rest of my life. Which brings me to food blogs. Thank God for them, because they make food beautiful and cause me to (actually) want to make my own meals. One thing I do like about cooking is that recipes aren’t mandatory and just because they say to use three cups of flour doesn’t mean you have to (I mean.. right?). I like experimenting. Here are 3 things that I will definitely try in the future.

7. Avocado chicken salad.
8. Caprese stuffed chicken burgers. Which need to be in my stomach immediately.
9. Coconut shrimp with mango dipping sauce.


So, how’d I do? Did I keep it interesting? Hope so.
Hope your Monday is interesting.

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  1. Tia permalink
    09/19/2011 3:02 pm has a free e-cookbook available for quick and healthy dinners.

  2. KWalkerphotography permalink
    09/19/2011 8:31 pm

    I love everything you post :)
    You inspired me to start Pinterest and I’m hooked!

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