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[76] So Long, Summer.


I remembered today that at the beginning of this summer (May 31st to be exact) I made a summer to-do list. Since summer, in my mind, is over (kids started school, I drank my first pumpkin latte of the season, there’s already Christmas decorations up at work) I wanted to find that blog post and recap all the things on my list.

Guess what?

I didn’t do a thing that was on it. Ok, fine, I printed pictures, but that wasn’t hard. I’m a little sad about not having those fun memories (especially the sunrise Monadnock hike with Rachel that we soooo could have done, but were too tired/it was raining), but I’m looking back at my summer and I know the things I did do were just as, if not more, fun than the things I had planned. So what exactly did I do this summer? SO MUCH! It’s funny how one can accomplish so many things in so little time. I need to remember that for… forever.

I spent a little time earlier today going through t.w.a.y’s archives. And I found..
The Best of Summer 2011:

-Went to many farmer’s markets, including a sweet one in Burlington with my parents & Nathaniel.
-Turned 22.
-Got a job & moved to a new town called Newton =)
-Had a revelation about this summer being special in it’s own ways.
-Attended SIX beautiful weddings of people I love a lot =). Katelyn & Tyler. Liza & Kirk. Rebecca & Nick. Abby & Sam. Kay & Josh. Kate & Devon.
-Ran my first two races ever, including a 5K near a hot air balloon.
Made new friends who like ice cream just as much as me =)
-Spent an afternoon at Spofford taking pictures of these lovely girls.
-Road-tripped to the Cape with Nathaniel.
-Enjoyed a whole day in Boston with my lil’ sis & Sarah K.
-Helped some besties move into their new apartment.
Explored / got lost around Boston more times than I can count. And loved every second.
… Andddd lots of other cools things. =)

And now for today’s pics, that happen to both feature food (my favorite thing on earth besides … chocolate)

I can now officially call my new nail polish color “avocado”. It’s perfect.

I ate an apple today that was basically the size of my head.

P.S. Sorry about that picture.

What were your favorite parts of your summer ’11? Please share! I love stories. =)


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  1. 09/13/2011 9:39 pm

    Well, sounds like you had an incredibly fulfilling summer despite straying from what you had originally planned.

    Wow, you attended six weddings? I had one of those summers a few years back where it felt like most of the people I knew were getting married.

    Congrats on the new job!


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