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[75] My Spin on Pins.


I was inspired by some images/ideas I saw on Pinterest, so I decided to try the ideas myself.

These two wall displays…. (1/2)

…translated to this in my room. I used a random assortment of frames, a few paintings & pieces of art I did in college & two cameras. I like the uneven/asymmetrical look it has. It took a while, especially because I really didn’t plan out the layout. I started with the big black frame on the left and went from there. I did have to take down and rearrange a few frames before I was satisfied. If you’re going to do this, I’d suggest planning it out, because taking things down and putting things up puts lots of holes in the wall, and your arms might get tired…

And this idea to use a frame to hang/display earrings. Obviously my bright pink frame isn’t as classy or vintage as the beautiful white one in the first image, but it does the job. Instead of lace, I just used plain old sewing thread. Took about 20 minutes to make. Super easy!

So! That was fun. I rarely ever act on the things I’m inspired by, and even these two things took a long time for me to actually do. But once I do them, I love it!


P.S. I (finally) know what I want to do with my life. I’m going to do something about it tomorrow. Wish me luck. & then promptly forget I ever said anything and don’t ask me about it unless I tell you about it first. Kthanks.

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