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[73] Knotty.


Girls: Have you ever been bored and playing with your hair and accidentally tie a knot that you can’t get out? I have. Silly me.

Ran a nice 5 miles tonight, a new route in Nate’s town I’ve never taken before. Down some winding roads, all shining with late evening sun. Nathaniel even took a break from the couch and biked next to me. It was nice to have the company. =) A dude drove by and slowed down to say “Nice night for a run!” and I replied “Yeah, definitely!” but in my head I was like durrrrr that’s why I’m out running right now, silly random man.

I never knew that working at a photo studio would result in so many bruises on my knees. I kneed to get knee pads or something. Crawling around making kids giggle all day long isn’t easy, ya know!

Happy Saturday =)


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  1. Tia permalink
    09/13/2011 8:19 pm

    :-) makes you think twice about becoming a parent someday????

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