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[9.3.2011] Kate & Devon : Married!


“I don’t know where we are
But I know what I like to do
I like staring up at a starry sky and down on an ocean blue
I like it when we touch
To most people this isn’t much
These are the things that I like to do
But most of all I like liking you.”
Ben Kweller – Things I Like to Do


This it it! The wedding of two of my favorite college friends! It all started waaayyyyy back on that fateful day of freshman year of college… and now? They’re MARRIED!

Kate & Devon, I love you both and want to thank you for constantly being subjects for my photos and for trusting me with your wedding portraits! I love taking pics of you two. =) And I love you guys. (Did I mention that already?) Here are some pics from your special day!!

It was misty, sunny, beautiful morning as Kate, her mom & I drove to the hair salon. Perfect morning for a wedding, don’t you think?

Those of you who know Kate, can you please imagine her saying “I’m just so EXCITED! I’m SO excited! I’m getting maaaaaarrriiiiiiiied!” Because that’s exactly what she was saying when I took this.

Oh my gosh look how GORGEOUS my roomie of three years/bestest college friend is!

So there aren’t any pics of the ceremony, because I was in it! So let’s skip right to the fun stuff! We immediately (and obviously) took advantage of the pumpkin carriage that was just chillin’ at Akron Falls park. So fairytale-ish!

I should mention now that Nathaniel had a BIG part in the picture taking process of the day. Any picture you see with me in it, he took! I basically helped him set up the shot and he did the rest. He was a huge blessing to have around & saved us from having to self-time a thousand wedding party pictures! =)

The classic jump picture. Gotta do it!

Kate & her girls frolicking down the hill.

Devon and his boys posing for their boy band album cover =)

After the group pictures, the newlyweds & I ventured to a waterfall where we took some beautiful portraits.

Right one: fave.

Ah! What a fantastic location! And fantastic lovebirds to go with it!

On our way to the reception! I love how Kate’s dress is overflowing out the window of Devon’s truck.

Kate hand made all the ceramic vase centerpieces! Each one was different, and I was lucky enough to get to take one home =) For dessert there was big tower of cake and cupcakes, which were deeeelish (I may or may not have eaten two.)

A table at the entrance to reception featured wedding photos of all the married couples at the wedding. I love this idea & it’s pretty fun to look back at the wedding dress styles of the different decades.

One of my favorite parts of the day was the photo booth that was set up for all the guests to use! Us ‘Cuse kids had a lot of fun dressing up in all the props and takin’ silly pictures. I snapped a few with my camera at the same time as I was getting my picture taken. Check out these crazies.

And to end this special wedding post, here’s a bunch of ‘Cuse friends giving Devon a huge group hug!! Love this pic.

In short, this day was FAB! I knew it would be.

K+D, love you, <3S

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  1. 09/08/2011 11:27 am

    Wonderful photos Stephanie! Such a beautiful wedding and an awesome couple. Congratulations you guys!

  2. 09/08/2011 3:12 pm

    LOVE! Amazing job. And Nate? You KILLED it!!! :)

  3. 02/03/2012 10:48 am


    I’m a cousin of Kate’s and wasn’t able to attend the wedding, so thanks so much for taking/sharing such great photos! I made a painting for Kate based on your photos, I hope that’s ok!


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