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[70] Chicken.

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Went to Aubrey’s apartment for the first time ever! We made/ate a nice chicken, veggies and mashed potatoes dinner (with eclairs for dessert). Met her roomies and we all chilled on their comfy couch. (Sidenote: It’s kind of weird because all Aubz’s friends I met have the same names of very close college friends of mine.) Anyways, I love that I got to hang out with a before college friend after college. Aubz is one of the few high school friends I still talk to on a regular basis!

THEN. Oh my life. And ohhh public transportation. Going home from Aubrey’s: Took a bus, the T, and was waiting for another bus. That bus never came. The dude with me at the bus stop was like “this bus is never coming, let’s walk home together” and I was like (in my head) “um, ew, ok.” I was freaking out (in my head) but it was okay in the end. We walked 2 miles and he told me about his hometown in Israel, about all the countries he’s visited, about how he loves the Big East tourney (go figure), how he traveled the world on a professional hand ball team, about his MBA program at BU. It was interesting. I guess. I just wanted to get home.

I’m home. And beat. And ready for SLEEP.

K+D’s wedding post is up tomorrow. =)


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