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[63] Bet you didn’t know.

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Bet you didn’t know that…
.. I’ve eaten more eggplant in the last month than I did in my whole lifetime before the last month. Definitely starting to like the poor, forgotten, purple plant. Speaking of purple, purple isn’t so bad these days either.
.. A new dream job was recently added to my list of dream jobs: brick wall muralist. Only brick walls, though. Painted brick murals/signs… UHH. I drool. I wish they were everywhere.
.. I talked today with a close friend from home about designing her.. dun dun dun.. wedding invitations! EEEEEEEEE.
.. I’m seriously starting to think I could be an interior decorator. I’ve sure watched enough episodes of Design on a Dime & Design Star to at least be able to put a room together and probably even make it look cohesive. Any room except mine. I feel like it will never be done. =(
.. I just had to strugggggggle to write all that. I really just wanted to go to sleep. You guys are lucky.


Things that will appear on this blog in the next two weeks [or so] :
A wedding(!), all your regular scheduled inspirational thing-a-ma-bobs, pictures from the Hart family lake house, “my spin on pins“, sneak peek of a t.w.a.y rebrand?! and last but not least, a downtown Boston fashion shoot. Get pumped, my friends.


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