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[fyi//30] Cool stuff, as usual.


This just in:: The world is full of wicked cool stuff! Luckily, Pinterest helps me organize all that stuff, and then I share it here with you! How awesome. Enjoy!


1. “Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost rememmm-berrrrr…” Doesn’t this print remind you of that scene/song in Anastasia? Oh wait, wait, I’ll link you to it. You’re welcome.
2. Coolest ripply dining room table thing ever. Plates fit perfectly!
3. Do you like free stuff? I do! Free hexagon patterns, wheeee!

4. Overgrown but awesome anyways patio. This will be my future house. It looks like a secret garden.
5. I could probably make this lovely turquoise ring. But I’d rather buy it to save time =)
6. Having your wedding dinner be from a food truck?! YES! Shot by Justin Lee, via Green Wedding Shoes.

7. So summery. I wish I could have spent more time at the beach this summer. But whatevs, I’ll live vicariously through this picture.
8. This pattern is so great. As are all the other ones on this blog. Like honestly, can I be you?
9. Reused money bag, made into a pillow. So great! I’d like a few for my… couch? I don’t have a couch. But if I had a couch I’d like some for it.


Happy ‘day after the hurricane’! Stay sweet.


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  1. 09/01/2011 10:09 am

    I LOVE the movie Anastasia, just thought you should know.

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