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[61] Crafty.


YO. It’s Stephanie. Remember me?

Anyways, can I make a book recommendation to you? Great! Paper + Craft. There are lots of lovely/well-styled pictures and easy to follow directions for how to make a ton of cute crafts out of pretty paper. If you like crafts, paper, or being awesome, get this book. F’reals.

Also, I met two old ladies from England today. I was in the bathroom at Quincy Market and one lady needed help turning on the water faucet, so I showed her and couldn’t help but notice her accent. I asked them where they were from (England, like I said) and why they were in town (nephew’s wedding was on Saturday). So we chatted. And then I walked away talking to myself in a British accent. It was fun. Reason number #312 why I love living in a fairly huge city.


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