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[60] Hurricane Sunday.


Nate and I spent most of the day eating E.L. Fudge cookies and watching TV. SO LAZY. But what else were we to do? Go outside? And tackle Irene? Not a chance. Actually, there was a chance. Later in the day, we went to Target and I got to spend my $50 dolla gift card I found from graduation. Ding ding! Good day. I bought a french press. My kitchen is complete.

Also, can we not talk about the trendy, action-filled editing I used today. Imma be honest, I’m falling for it. I was so sure I wasn’t going to, but this seventies, old school style is just so … ugh … the only word I can use is trendy. I hate myself for using it! But it looks cool! And other people (read: blog followers) love it! And it instantly makes pictures “cooler”! And my pictures need all the cool they can get! BUT. I PROMISE I will only use it sparingly. Promise.

Bonus picture: This cute old lady (in the blue jumpsuit) taking a picture of the flowers on Main Street. And by ‘Main Street’, I mean I have no idea what street I was on, so let’s just call it Main Street.


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