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[d&d//30] Doodtorial #4 – Vid Style!


So excited!


In case you’re at work and/or you don’t want to be mesmerized by my doodling & funny remarks for 7 minutes, here’s the lowdown.
-Write each letter of your name.
-Go over each letter of your name, leaving space for embellishments.
-Add stripes, dots, curlies, ect.
-Don’t worry if it sucks because it’s a doodle so they can look however you want and still rock.
-Practice a lot.

Oh, and because I’m movie-file illiterate, it’s still backwards. Sorry about that.


P.S. Can ya let me know if this was even remotely helpful? Thanks kiddos.

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  1. 08/26/2011 4:21 pm

    ah! Steph I loved this… and I went to art school… haha. But seriously, your hand it so smooth, it amazed me. You have to do this again.

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