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[46] Camera Wall.


There is so much I want to say. Like SO MUCH. Where do I start?! I’m going to write a list, because otherwise I’ll just ramble on for hours and we all know that’s mad boring. And also, I like lists. Ok, so here it is (p.s. caution, rambling does occur) (p.s.s. caution, lots of abbreviations.) :

1. 7:46 pm. “I haven’t taken a picture yet today.” Wait, what?! I took pics of people all day long! Tons! Just none for my blog. That is gonna be kind of bummerin’; I’m not allowed to use pics of clients I shoot at work for personal use due to copyrights and all that jazz (duh) but, my self portrait today is fine, because it’s me. Duh again. Just fyi, on the days I work at the photo studio, I shoot at least 200 pics a day! Craycray.

2. Like today! I got to shoot my very first newborn session! For a 6 week old little girl. She was the cutest littlest sweetest munchkin everrrrr. It was a practice session, and to get my little model, I basically walked around the mall and asked people if they wanted free pictures of their kids. I told them I was a new photographer at the studio and needed kids to “practice on”. This little girl’s parents were so happy to get free pictures! They were totally understanding and patient with me as I figured out lighting, good shots, ect.

3. Um, that wall that you see below? Totes obsessed with it. Not obsessed with the blisters I got on my fingers from twisting in the thumb tacks because the wall is so dang hard. But it was worth it. Full pics of my sweet (sort of) bedroom decor to come in the next few days.


5. I’m seeing SO MANY awesome people this week! Mary Carlson tomorrow! Sarah Korzyy & my lil SISTER (who goes off to college in 10 days) on Wednesday! Erin & Aubrey on Saturday! EE!

6. Here are the real reasons you came to my blog.

Holy senior picture much. Ew. Baha.


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  1. 08/15/2011 10:06 pm

    This post made me smile so big. :) I LOVE your new camera wall! And I love your “senior” picture, hahah. You’re so itty bitty!!!!

  2. Sondra permalink
    08/16/2011 9:37 pm

    I love that camera wall, great photo, your really talented!

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